May 24, 2024

Our Team Members

Together for the Love of Boxing

As with every business, there are some people whose work is so important, it makes us question how anything is possible without them. From the ACBHOF, thank you.

Ray McCline 
President & Event Coordinator 
▪︎Rod Green 
Vice President & Event Coordinator 
▪︎Whitney Ullman 
Director of Communications & Promotions 
Jay Torres 
Graphic Designs/Website/ Merchandising /Promotions
▪︎Honoree Liaison Host & Hostess Team 
– Verneen Hill
– Rob Scott 
– Lisa Scott
– Micah McCline 
▪︎Marc Abrams 
Boxing Public Relations 
▪︎John Martin 
Exhibits & Membrollia Coordinator 
▪︎ Samad Haq 
Master of Ceremonies / Photographer
▪︎ Mark Roxey 
Stage Production Manager 
▪︎Kyshawn Wyman 
Official DJ & Production Team
▪︎Don Hurley 
▪︎ Eric Hansen 
Dark Tower Entertainment/ Videographer Team
▪︎Patrick Killian 
Official Artist