July 21, 2024


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Our Mission

The Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame mission, vision and purpose is to offer fans and visitors alike, a highly interactive Sports & Entertainment Boxing Curation Experience, We are committed to preserving the rich boxing history of Atlantic City, through live historical curation, exhibits, legendary boxing stars, and personality appearances.  We will also conduct our annual year round events, well paired with multicultural entertainment artistry.  The action, excitement, victories and defeats”, The Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame wishes to re-fuel the passion, and presence of the sport of gladiators in a City that needs no introduction. The Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame purpose is to, remember, acknowledge and honor the great local, national & international boxers as well as the boxing community at-large for their commitment to and accomplishments within the sweet science of boxing that has help create the boxing Mecca Atlantic City has become synonymous with. Through our annual induction ceremonies; boxing greats, as well as the boxing community at-large will have their names enshrined in immortality by being inducted into the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame. So many great boxers are too often forgotten after they have retired from the sport. The Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame will ensure they are always remembered, appreciated and honored by Atlantic City and surrounding communities.