Remembering A Boxing Fixture: Artie Curry

Written by Rob Scott

Photo by Holger Keifel and Rob Scott

Still In Our Hearts and Minds

Seek and you shall find? Well, you will be hard-pressed to find a person in the sport that had the reputation and reverence as Arthur Curry.

Champions come in many forms, but when it comes to boxing, many only think of in-ring prowess. To those who know the behind the scene preparations and presences in the sport, you know that Artie was a larger than life guy who’s presence indeed was larger than life and packed its own punch.

From the mailroom of Time Warner to holding the official position at HBO of, “Manager of HBO Sports Talent Relations,” Artie Curry’s duties were to act as a liaison between the network and the various fighters that were signed. The position was one that had a hand and glove type of fit because Artie related to so many.  His reputation with the network and its fighters mirrored one another, with Artie being trusted and admired by both.

HBO and the sport of boxing lost a Champion nine years ago, but because of all who he touched, every bit like Ali, Louis, Robinson, Gatti, etc, Artie’s legacy still…and forever lives on.

The Atlantic City Boxing Hall Of Fame acknowledges the life and contributions of Mr. Arthur Curry…A Champion Forever.


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