David Weinberg on Unwarranted Low Blows to AC’s Bill Johnson

Written by David Weinberg
The Press of Atlantic City Staff Writer
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A.C. Boxing Trainer Bill Johnson Dealing with Unwarranted Low Blow

Low blows occasionally happen in boxing.

But they’re not normally delivered outside the ring.

HBO unofficial boxing judge Harold Lederman hit Atlantic City trainer Bill Johnson with one a few weeks ago during the network’s broadcast of the Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith Jr. fight in California.

Bill Johnson Training

During one of the undercard bouts on Dec. 17, 2016, Lederman was asked his opinion of a rule recently adopted by the World Boxing Council which prohibits fathers from serving as chief seconds (head trainers) for their sons during WBC-regulated fights.

Lederman agreed with the rule and cited Bill’s presence in the corner during his son Leavander Johnson’s fatal fight against Jesus Chavez in 2005 as a reason… (continue reading)

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