“Double Jab Scores Another Knockout

Written by Rob Scott

Episode 3 Is for the Ages

Atlantic City – The “Double Jab” podcast – powered by the Atlantic City Boxing Hall Of Fame, scored another knockout in week three of their on going popular show.

Double Jab welcomes Bill Johnson

“Double Jab” airs live every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8pm eastern on www.Triax57.com.

Our Guest

Hosted every week by Rich Quinones and Rob Scott, this week’s very special guest was the well known trainer and 2017 Hall Of Fame inductee, Mr. Bill Johnson.

Mr. Johnson spoke about a multititude of things from the history of the sport in AC, to his son – also a 2017 Hall of Fame inductee – Leavander Johnson, and the WBC’s new rule of not allowing fathers in the corners of their championship fights.

Also, Rich and Rob spoke about the great fights that happened this past weekend and what to expect in boxing in the coming weeks.

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