Month: January 2019

ACBHOF Wishes Happy Birthday To 2018 ACBHOF Inductee – Jersey Joe Walcott

Written by: Rob Scott

  • Name: Jersey Joe Walcott (Arnold Raymond Cream)
  • Birthday: 1-31-1914
  • Date of Death: 2-25-1994 (70yo)
  • Record: 51-18-1, 32KOs
  • In-ring career span: 1930 – 1952 (22 years)
  • Titles held: National Boxing Association World Heavyweight Championship (July 18, 1951 to Sept. 23, 1952). In 1962, the NBA would turn into the current WBA (World Boxing Association).
  • Referee career: 1947 – 1979 (15 bouts)
  • Commission career: New Jersey State Boxing Commissioner from 1975 – 1984
  • 2018 Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee. Also, Walcott was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990; Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1969 and the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1983. 
  • 1951 Fighter of the year: Ring and Boxing Writers Association
  • Participated in the Fights of the year for both 1951, against Ezzard Charles, and 1952 against Rocky Marciano
  • Voted in as the first African American Sheriff in Camden County, New Jersey in 1971.

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